Porcelain veneers solve much more than just dealing with discoloration of teeth. Chips, gaps and minor misalignments are instantly hidden. One of the most impressive qualities is that it is stain resistant i.e., they are less porous as compared to natural teeth. This however that they are stain proof because they undergo slight staining and discolorations over time

The following are ways you can keep your teeth white and aesthetic

  • Proper oral hygiene routine: this includes regular toothbrushing (preferably after every meal but at least twice a day), using the right toothbrush (medium hard bristles) and toothpaste(fluoridated) in the right technique (using circular motions) and flossing to remove food particles stuck between teeth.

  • Avoid or limit ingesting things that normally stain teeth: these include activities such as chewing or smoking tobacco. Limit coffee consumption or at least make sure you clean your teeth right after.

  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables: These foods especially the crunchy ones aid the teeth in self-cleansing ensuring a more aesthetic look.

  • Visit your dentist regularly: A visit to the dentist every 6 months ensures that the dentist can clean any stains before they accumulate and any problems are detected and dealt with early.

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