In our last post, we covered what a dental implant is. Click here to read the post on dental implants. Just to freshen up your memory, a dental implant is a special type of metal ‘post’ that is put in your bone and this creates a support to which a tooth is put on top.


  • It looks so similar to a natural tooth that it is really hard to tell the difference

  • Durable-it offers a long period of service usually about 15-25 years if well taken care of

  • Protects against bone loss-an implant is placed in bone so pressures from chewing and biting are evenly distributed  rather than concentrated at one place hence bone loss is reduced.

  • Once placed, it is low maintenance,it needs the same maintenance as your normal tooth

  • It is fused with bone so  it does not move around when you bite or talk thus it feels very comfortable

  • You are able to bite strongly since its support is deep in the bone and thus it cannot be easily displaced


  • It is costly especially if many procedures have to be done to ensure adequate health of the mouth. This can be through treating all the preexisting gum diseases and dental cavities. Also addition of bone to ensure there is adequate support.

  • The entire procedure takes time especially if there are additional procedures. These procedures are like treating pre existing gum diseases, dental cavities to ensure a healthy mouth .Also addition of bone to ensure adequate support


A denture is a medical device made of a special type of plastic called acrylic or metal that is attached to artificial teeth of a similar material and replaces one or more missing teeth


  • It is less costly-the process is simple, mouth preparation required is minimal as compared to a dental implant and also dentures are easily made in a dental lab.

  • Simple maintenance since it is easily removed and cleaned with soap and a piece of cloth.

  • It is versatile, can be used even if the teeth and jaws are in a bad state i.e. teeth with cavities

  • Provides support to muscles of the face giving teeth a natural look,this is because the part of the denture that supports the teeth in place provides an area where the muscles of the face rest giving it a natural look


  • If not well fitting it can rub against the gums causing injury and sores in the area they rest

  • There are food restrictions like sticky food and hard foods; this is because a denture is not fixed and these foods increase its instability

  • They wear out and have to be replaced every 5 to 7 years

  • Due to its removable nature it increases in looseness allowing food to pack underneath  which if not cleaned well and frequently is unhygienic


Each has its advantages and disadvantages. An implant is suitable in certain situations and also a denture is best suited in other situations.

Nevertheless, with either of them, you can relax knowing you can eat and smile again.Visit us to know which one is best suited for you .

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