Imagine you are missing a tooth which you want to replace without interfering with the neighbouring teeth, it makes sense just to put a tooth in that space. The problem is that it will keep falling and that is not appealing at all in any situation. 

So now we agree that we’ll need a support mechanism and just like a building the support will be put deep below. That is the simplest explanation of what a dental implant is, a special type of metal ‘post’ is put in your bone and this creates a support to which a tooth is put on top.

  • The process begins with reviewing your medical history since some medical conditions may hamper the implant process like diabetes,hypertension,heart diseases which interfere with the healing process. 
  • The mouth is then examined for any conditions for instance gum disease,tooth decay because an implant cannot be placed in an unhealthy mouth, any existing condition is first treated before proceeding. 
  • The bone is then examined for health, size and thickness,the bone forms the foundation for the implant and so it has to be sound, this is done with the help of xray imaging.If the bone is inadequate,more bone can be added and the area is left to heal and become one with the rest of the bone. This process usually goes for about 6 months.
  • Now having made sure that the person is healthy, the mouth is healthy and the bone is adequate, the implant (post) is now placed in the bone,this is a minor surgical procedure that is done on the dental chair and takes between 1-2 hours and then you are discharged to go heal for about 3-4 months,this gives adequate time for the implant to join well with the bone.
  • After this is achieved, now the dental crown. A quick explanation of a dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that is placed over a tooth to cover the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, and improve its appearance.This is placed on it either by screwing it or using a special adhesive that connects them and voila! The missing tooth is replaced and you have your full smile.
  • It looks so similar to a natural tooth that it is really hard to tell the difference
  • Durable-it offers a long period of service usually about 15-25 years if well taken care of
  • Protects against bone loss-an implant is placed in bone so pressures from chewing and biting are evenly distributed  rather than concentrated at one place hence bone loss is reduced.
  • Once placed, it is low maintenance,it needs the same maintenance as your normal tooth
  • It is fused with bone so it does not move around when you bite or talk thus it feels very comfortable
  • You are able to bite strongly since its support is deep in the bone and thus it cannot be easily displaced

Like all surgical procedures it carries the risk of complications like excessive bleeding ,post operative pain. 

However, with our skilled professionals and the high degree of care we offer, the likelihood of such conditions happening is significantly reduced.


The cost ranges between 150k-350k depending on the number of procedures that have to be done to you in preparation to receive the implant.


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